Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Solution for: mv: cannot move `' to a subdirectory of itself,

Q. How can I move all my files in my working directory to a sub-directory with the working directory? I am getting error "mv: cannot move `' to a subdirectory of itself," Can I move all the files/folder to sub-directory with out this error?

Yes, you can move all your files/folders present in your directory to a sub-directory with out getting that error. This error will occure when mv command try to move this sub-directory as well which it can not do and throws this error. All you have to do set shopt extglop option and try below command

shopt -s extglob
mv !(subdir) subdir/

Know more about shopt here.

Thats it, you will not see the error as shown above. hope this helps some one.


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