Sunday, December 2, 2012

Solution of "No Route to Host error" Issue

No Route to Host error Linux solution

Q. I am seeing an error when trying to connect to a server, but I am able to ping and see other ports open by using telnet command? Is there a solution to resolve this issue?

First of all check what are open ports on that machine

nmap server-ip

Check if your service is running and showing in nmap output.Check if your service is running or not on tha

If your port is not open check your iptables output.

iptables -L

This will show all the rules. You can flush the iptables if you are not much concern about security.

iptables -F

Stop iptables and save iptables

service iptables stop
service iptables save

Perminently off iptables service.

chkconfig iptables off


  1. you saved my life. after 6H00 to try to understand why my dhcp not synchronise with the second one . I disabled selinux without stopping iptables. thank a lot